3rd to 7th August 2014

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Main Topics

Structure and Evolution

Belova, Polina Morphology, anatomy and ultrastructure of Euzonus arcticus (Grube, 1866) (Opheliidae)

Bergmeier, Franziska Comparative 3D-microanatomy of mesopsammic Meiomeniidae (Pholidoskepia, Solenogastres)

Bleidorn, Christoph On the homology of key morphological features of Sphaerodoridae and other Phyllodocida (Annelida)

Braun, Philipp Structure of the central olfactory pathway in marine versus terrestrial brachyuran crustaceans

Flammensbeck, Christina 3D-microanatomy of Pseudovermis paradoxus and its implications for the evolution of Pseudovermidae (Nudibranchia, Gastropoda)

Frolova, Tatiana Anaperus biaculeatus: a new pattern of musculature within the Acoela

Gonzalez, Brett C. The role of islands and caves in speciation of interstitial fauna: diversification processes of Macrochaeta (Acroccirridae, Annelida)

Hochberg, Adele Using Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) to characterize rotifer secretions

Jaglarz, Mariusz The ovarian characters of the basal crustaceans. Possible implications for the Pancrustacea/Tetraconata hypothesis.

Kato, Chiharu Ultrastructural investigation of head kidneys in sedentary Annelida

Kocot, Kevin New insights into molluscan biomineralization through studies of aculiferans

Laumer, Christopher Platyhelminth morphological innovation in light of the emerging "new phylogeny"

Makarova, Anastasia Tiny eyes and effects of miniaturization: ultrastructure of compound eyes of smallest coleopterans and hymenopterans (Insect: Coleoptera, Hymenoptera)

Malkowsky, Yaron Micro-Computed Tomography for Advancement in Taxonomy

Mayorova, Tatiana Neoteny trend in Dinophilidae (Polychaeta) evolution

Michalik, Peter Numb genitalia? – First evidence of neurons in the male palpal organ of spiders (Araneae)

Müller, Carsten Ultrastructure of multicellular glands with bimodal secretory cells and its phylogenetic implications for Annelida including Sipuncula

Petersen, Haidi Cecilie The intricacies of a scale-less scaleworm (Pisionidae): investigated by immunostaining, confocal laser scanning microscopy, electron microscopy and phylogeny

Rühr, Peter Thomas Collembolan head musculature revisited: How 3D-reconstructions of synchrotron-µCT-scans can reveal muscle homologies

Shunkina, Ksenia V. New data on the nervous system of freshwater bryozoans

Sorensen, Martin Extensive sampling of kinorhynchs in the Gulf of Mexico reveals new morphological information

Sorensen, Martin The neuromuscular system of Pycnophyes kielensis (Kinorhyncha: Homalorhagida) shows clear signs of segmentation

Thomsen, Vibe G. The nephridial system of Nerilla antennata (Nerillidae, Annelida)

Todt, Christiane A new class of aplacophoran mollusk – or “just” a footless solenogaster?

Ullrich-Lüter, Esther Light perception in a bioluminescent ophiuroid

Voigt, Oliver New views on classical characters used in the classification of calcareous sponges (Porifera, Class Calcarea): X-ray microtomography and 3D-reconstruction for the study of skeletal arrangements

Structure and Development

Alwes, Frederike Gene trapping in the amphipod crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis

Bartnik, Thorben The morphology of planula larvae of four jellyfish species (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) from the German Bight. How to distinguish between hairy pears.

Bolshakov, Fedor Epidermis surface ultrastructure in athecate colonial hydroids (Hydrozoa, Hydroidolina, Anthoathecata)

Fofanova, Elizaveta Early 5-HT-, TH- and FMRFa-immunoreactive neurons in larval development of enigmatic polychaete Dinophilus.

Funch, Peter Morphology and ontogeny of the pectines of Babycurus jacksoni (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

Hein, Hendrikje Early neurogenesis in the copepod Tigriopus californicus (Baker, 1912)

Hoffmann, Christin Postembryonic development of the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Jirikowski, Günther Cleavage and early embryonic development of the copepod Tigriopus californicus (Baker, 1912)

Kirchhoff, Tina Immunlocalisation of pigment-dispersing hormone in the embryonic nervous system of an onychophoran: a comparison to arthropods

Krieger, Jakob Transition to land – the larval development of the Giant robber crab Birgus latro (Linnaeus, 1767), with a focus on antennal and brain morphology.

Lavrov, Andrey Cells reaggregation process of three sponge species from the White Sea

Meusel, Franziska Live imaging the early development of the woodlouse Porcellio scaber

Osadchenko, Boris Larval organization and metamorphosis of Cyanea capillata (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa)

Petrescu, Ana-Maria Structural dynamics of oogenesis in Astacus leptodactylus during reproductive cycle

Podvyaznaya, Irina Trematode reproduction in the molluscan host: a comparative ultrastructural study

Spitzner, Franzi The early development of the cladoceran Daphnia magna

Swiatek, Piotr Ovary organization in Clitellata – the same components in different forms

Treffkorn, Sandra Embryology of the tardigrade Hypsibius dujardini with a major focus on muscle development

Structure and Function

Bicker, Gerd Spider silk as guiding biomaterial for human model neurons

Dias Santos, Glenda Sperm degeneration in Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Dittmann, Isabel Functional morphology of the pedipalps in whip scorpions, whip spiders and web spiders (Megoperculata, Euchelicerata) – a story of successful predators

Ganske, Anne-Sarah Chemical communication in spiders - SEM-analysis of the distribution of chemosensilla on male Argiope bruennichi (Araneidae)

Gnaspini, Pedro Histological study of prothoracic and abdominal tegumental structures in the larva of the small carrion beetle Dissochaetus vanini (Insecta, Coleoptera, Leiodidae)

Guggolz, Theresa Parapodial Glandular Organs in Spiophanes (Polychaeta: Spionidae) – Ultrastructure and presence of chitin

Hochberg, Rick Peculiar microtexture and ultrastructure of the integument in the colonial rotifer Sinantherina socialis (Gnesiotrocha)

Jahn, Henry The role of bypass elements in leucon-type sponge canal systems

Kohnert, Peter North vs. South: Who exactly is Limacina helicina? (Gastropoda, Euopisthobranchia, Pteropoda, Thecosomata)

Laibl, Christina The "Disko sea butterfly": 3D-reconstruction and anatomy of the thecosome pteropod Limacina helicina (Gastropoda, Euopisthobranchia, Thecosomata) from Disko Bay, Greenland

Matsumura, Yoko A two-sword-style Samurai – the dual mating apparatus of Zorotypus caudelli (Insecta, Zoraptera) and its evolutionary implications

Mikhlina, Anna General morphology of the buccal complex of Flabellina verrucosa (M. Sars, 1829) (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia)

Neretin, Nicolay Morphology and ultrastructure of amphipod silk glands in Dyopedos bispinis (Gurjanova, 1930) and Ampithoe rubricata (Montagu, 1818) (Crustacea: Amphipoda)

Obukhova, Alexandra Novel non-neuronal cilia-associated monoamine-containing structure in sea urchin larvae

Pinto Jorgensen, M. G. Evolution of anchialine, cave endemic spionids (Spionidae, Annelida): the first clade of cave annelids with full-Tethyan distribution.

Plyuscheva, Masha Bioluminescence, fluorescence and photoreception in elytra of scale-worms (Polychaeta, Polynoidae)

Plyuscheva, Masha Large world of a small dorsal cirruses of Polychaetes

Poprawa, Izabela The midgut epithelium of Macrobiotus diversus (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae)

Purschke, Günter Functional morphology of the branchiae in the marine fire worm Eurythoe complanata (Annelida, Amphinomida): transport studies and morphology indicate a multiple function

Richter, Sandy Insights into the venom apparatus of Glyceridae (Polychaeta)

Rost-Roszkowska, Magdalena The structure and ultrastructure of the midgut epithelium in freshwater shrimp Neocaridina heteropoda (Crustacea, Malacostraca)

Saidov, Daniyal Unique features of Coronata polyp bearing zooxanthellae

Sigwart, Julia Chitons that live in the dark can see light (Mollusca, Polyplacophora, Lepidopleurida)

Strus, Jasna Are calcium bodies of terrestrial isopods bioreactors or mineral storage sites during molting?

Suzuki, Atsushi Ultrastructure of spermatozoa of a hermaphroditic marine tardigrade, Orzeliscus cf. belopus (Tardigrada: Arthrotardigrada)

Tamberg, Yuta Tentacle structure in bryozoans

Wasser, Hannah Innervation patterns and synaptic connections of original and regenerated olfactory afferents in the locust antennal lobe

Ancient Structures

Parry, Luke Character evolution and taxonomic affinities of fossil annelids using fossil myoanatomy and microCT Scanning of extant polychaetes


The Role of Ontogeny in Phylogenetic Reconstruction

Cannon, Johanna Phylogenomics of Ambulacraria (Hemichordata + Echinodermata)

Hörnig, Marie K. The evolution of dictyopteran oothecae and their fossil record

Kanana, Yuliia Ontogeny of the planarian Dugesia lugubris (Plathelminthes, Tricladida)

Development and Morphology of Mesodermal Derivatives

Drobysheva, Irina Ultrastructural study of the initial stages of spermatogenesis in Geocentrophora wagini (Lecithoepitheliata, Plathelminthes)

Klußmann-Fricke, Bastian-J. The brain matters – comparative morphological aspects of vascular systems in the brains of pulmonate arachnids

Kotikova, Elena Somatic musculature patterns in rotifers are determined by the body and foot shape

Neurophylogeny: Evolution of Nervous and Sensory Systems

Bekkouche, Nicolas Evolution of the nervous system in Gastrotricha, new insights from confocal laser scanning microscopy

Frase, Thomas Insights into the development of the nervous system in Anostraca (Crustacea)

Hädicke, Christian Neuroanatomy of the fire brat Thermobia domestica (Packard, 1873) (Insecta: Zygentoma), an alternative view on the evolution of the dicondylan brain

Henne, Stephan Immunohistochemical analysis of the nervous system of two species of the genus Plectus (Plectidae; Nematoda)

Martin, Christine Evolution of the ecdysozoan brain: insights from neuroanatomy and development of the onychophoran head

Richards, Gemma Sian Dedicated neural progenitor cells have a pre-bilaterian origin: evidence from transgenic analysis of a SoxB gene in Nematostella vectensis

Schmidt-Rhaesa, Andreas Comparison of the nervous system in three heterotardigrade species (Tardigrada)

Shunatova, Natalia Cyclostomates versus cteno-cheilostomes: what can we learn from 5HT-immunoreactivity?

Stemme, Torben Olfactory projection neuron pathways in marine isopods and Remipedia: new insights into malacostracan and tetraconate phylogeny

Valero-Gracia, Alberto Photoreceptor cell evolution in ambulacrarian larvae, a first contribution

Origin of Morphological Novelties

Brenzinger, Bastian Headshield anatomy in the ‘cephalaspid’ gastropod Ringicula, and its context in the phylogeny of Heterobranchia

Life cycles and Nervous System

Bogomolova, Ekaterina Ultrastructure of sense organs and “ventral organs” involved in neurogenesis in pycnogonid larvae.

eMorphology: Ontologies, New Standards, and Semi-automated Data Collection and Analysis

Krämer, Daria Taking traditional knowledge to the future – a standard for reconciling morphology and barcodes in the Lineus ruber/viridis - species complex (Nemertea)

Pushing the Limits – Advances in Microscopy and its Applications in Zoomorphology

Ruthensteiner, Bernhard Volume reconstruction of a paraffin section series by elastic alignment

Morphology Transdisciplinary

Seliger, Anja Morpho-phylogenetic analysis of gothic ornamentation – an interdisciplinary approach to the genealogy of artifacts

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